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Glass film, as a new energy-saving building material

Glass film, as a new energy-saving building material. The glass film can block 45-85% of direct solar heat from entering the room in summer and can reduce heat loss by more than 30% in winter. When the glass is broken, the fragments can be tightly adhered to the surface of the glass film, maintaining the original shape, without splashing and deformation; At the same time, the glass film can withstand high temperatures, can effectively prevent disasters caused by fire, reduce or avoid harm to the human body, and a better quality glass film can block glare and more than 90% of ultraviolet rays.


The decorative film in the glass film is the favorite of the simple decorative style. It is translucent and hazy, it is full of infinite expansion of space and realistic separation and blocking. It can also reduce visibility. It has rich colors, diverse styles, simple and realistic creativity, low cost, safety, and environmental protection, and has become the best choice for personal privacy in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and bedrooms and bathrooms.

Glass film has seven advantages:
1. Insulation and heat preservation;
2. Safe and explosion-proof;
3. UV protection;
4, anti-glare;
5. Easily create a private space;
6. Enhance visual effects;
7, high-temperature fire resistance;


These seven advantages have played a great role in people's daily life. It is precise because of these advantages that more and more people have liked and praised them. At the same time, glass films have also been widely used by people in life.
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