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Why Should Every Family Paste Our Glass Window Film In Summer?

1.  Greatly reduce the cost of refrigeration
The indoor temperature of glass laminated rooms in hot summer days is 4-6 degrees lower than that of normal rooms.Indoor life is more comfortable, summer heat insulation up to 85%, greatly saving energy expenditure.
2. Uv shielding glass film can block harmful ultraviolet rays passing through more than 99% of ordinary glass.Effective protection of indoor cultural relics, historical materials, crafts, books, such as not fading, not aging, to extend its life.Far taller than other glass products and sunblock, affix film, avoid ultraviolet ray to hurt, prolong the use period of furniture, decorations and so on in the home.
3.Direct sunlight can lead to tiredness, tired eyes and distracted attention.
The glass film is directly installed on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to correct the uneven and constant temperature of the light intensity area and the back Yang area, and disperse dazzling glare, making the indoor personnel more comfortable and efficient for leisure.
To spend a cool and refreshing summer, you might as well stick a household glass decoration film!
OU HOME decorate your summer!

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