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Operating principle of solar blast membrane/solar film

(1) sun protection principle
A special coating that absorbs more than 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays effectively protects the human body and car interior from uv damage.(special note: many drivers blindly pursue the heat insulation rate, confusing the sun protection and heat insulation function of the car film, ignoring that only the good quality film that combines sun protection, control light and heat insulation can create a comfortable driving space.)  

(2) principle of thermal insulation
The micro metal particles are sprayed on the deep layer of the foundation by sputtering to form a layer of heat insulation that can selectively penetrate the sun's rays, thus blocking heat and preventing glare.

(3) principle of explosion protection
The material of the vehicle film foundation membrane is a highly transparent polyester safety film, which is highly flexible. When exposed to external impacts, its high-strength anti-penetrating force, anti-breaking force and anti-impact force can effectively cushion the impact and reduce external injuries.