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New Energy - Saving Building Materials.

Window glass film is a kind of new energy - saving building materials.


In building energy saving, building glass doors and Windows is a very weak and often neglected important link, but also in building energy saving work has great potential to be dug.

Commonly used by building is toughened glass, glass strength of 9-15 times larger than normal, but if by external force, the same will be broken, and the glass in the internal tension and external compressive stress state, once the local damage, stress release, will glass was broken into tiny pieces and easy to hurt.
If labeled as high quality building window glass window film, once the glass impact force, the ductility and toughness of membrane can effectively offset and the impact of the decomposition of the external force, effectively enhance the strength of glass, even if the glass is broken, the glass explosion-proof membrane of metal material can produce tensile force and viscose layer colloid to pull live shards of glass, prevent glass splash hurt, in the face of such natural disasters as earthquake, hurricane can have certain defense function.

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