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How to change the studio window to get a beautiful look

Despite our lack of privacy awareness, the office windows completely expose the scenes inside, which doesn't seem ideal. There's a film that gives us privacy while helping protect against UV rays and keeping the room cool when it gets warm. For our space, we can have slightly different decorations. We can add some privacy and color to the monotonous ceiling windows.


OUHOME decorative window film is a DIY product that is very easy to install, with a variety of modes and functions, suitable for any style or application. The film is removable, reasonably priced, decorative, and offers thermal and glare control, which makes it ideal for studio space.
Here is what you need to do:
Step 1:
The water in the spray bottle is added to the detergent solution to thoroughly clean the target surface.


Step 2:
Measure the surface and cut the film. Extra inches on each side for easy adjustment.


Step 3:
Prepare enough diluted soapy water in a spray bottle.
Spray the surface with soapy water. Peel the transparent backing along the short side.


Step 4:
Install the film onto the window.


Step 5:
Use a scraper to remove excess water and any bubbles. Wipe off the water with a towel. Trim the edges.


Step 6:
Sit back and enjoy your new privacy, The effect after decorating the window. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the newly discovered privacy and the interesting patterns that these movies bring to the studio space.
Now not only do the Windows look like fun inside the studio, but passersby also have something nice to look at.


For more details, please visit our website:  www.ou-home.com

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