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Do you know how to pick a really good one  solar window film for car?

1.Transparency and clarity: this is the most important performance related to safety in vehicle film.When choosing films, clarity and transparency should be taken into consideration first. The clarity of high-quality films can be as high as 90%, and the transparency is very high regardless of the color depth.The car owner had better not choose the film that pervious to light is too low, otherwise photometric is insufficient, can cause very big obstacle to the vision.

2.Thermal insulation: the most important function of automobile film is to be insulated. Therefore, a good solar car explosion-proof film reflects infrared ray to reduce the interior temperature.Depends on its ability to reflect and absorb.The stronger the reflection, the stronger the absorption, the higher the insulation.The heat absorption capacity of the solar membrane itself is also limited. The heat insulation rate is generally between 40% and 70%. The higher the value, the stronger the heat insulation effect.

3.Explosion-proof property: the inferior explosion-proof film feels very soft, lacks sufficient toughness, is not resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and is prone to aging and brittle.And good explosion-proof film, in case the glass is broken will stick to the broken glass, broken pieces will not splash people.
4.UV barrier rate: the quality film is generally no less than 98%, and the high is 99%.High UV resistance can effectively prevent the occupant from being exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation, burn the skin, and protect the decoration such as car stereo from sunburn.And inferior film does not have this index commonly, or far under the standard of 98%.

5. Color:This is a standard that many customers care about when choosing the explosion-proof film. The general requirement is to choose the color that suits your car.The color of some inferior car film is easy fade and decolor, cannot drop light when choosing.According to the traffic safety regulations of the ministry of public security, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be more than 70%, so the most taboo of the front windshield is to stick the dark heat insulation film.