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Difference between automotive solar film and explosion-proof membraneThe difference between automobile solar membrane and explosion - proof membrane

1. Differences in structure and thickness of materials

The thickness of the safety film is between 100-175 microns (about 4-7mil), while the car explosion-proof film is a multi-layer polyester composite film formed by special process lamination, with a thickness of more than 250 microns (about 10mil).Thickness is a hard index to distinguish the safety film from the security film.

2. Differences in protection level and protection concept

The positive film is mainly made from the original PET material and magnetron sputtering technology. Its function is to insulate and control harmful light, that is, to block infrared ray and ultraviolet ray.The design of explosion-proof film can absorb blast shock wave and resist the impact of strong energy. The combination of high-end explosion-proof film and glass can even achieve the bulletproof grade. The protective function covers the effect of safety film and at the same time achieves the level of safety and explosion-proof.

3. There are obvious differences in the implementation standards.

The standard that car solar film can reach generally is the level standard that blocks ultraviolet ray, for example German standard DIN53337, British standard BS6064, Italian standard ANSI Z97.1, European standard EN12600 and so on international standard and national standard, and the test standard of explosion-proof film is based on the prevention of penetration, for example:

German standard DIN52290, American standard UL972, British standard BS5544, European standard EN356 and other relevant standards.That is to say, when glass is hit, it can be broken and the explosion-proof glass film can't be penetrated.

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