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Building Glass Film

Building glass film is divided into explosion-proof film and building glass decorative film .

 But most consumers pay more attention to the function of building film than its decorative nature, so the demand for explosion-proof film is very important.
The insulating and explosion-proof film of building glass has the functions of heat insulation, energy saving, electricity saving, safe and explosion-proof, blocking ultraviolet rays, protecting skin, slowing down the fading of indoor furniture, individual transmission, anti-glare and creating private space. 

And emphasize decorative interior decoration film, consumers can choose different style and color according to individual be fond of, however, many consumers don't care about the paster decorative, monomial choose beautiful and only a small part of the people, for safety, thermal insulation, UV protection, privacy, and so on demand is more obviously, it is clear that the consumer will look more on top of the functionality of the sticker, there is no much high demand for its adornment effect.

We recommend the consumer, the choice of coating must choose cost-effective blast membrane.

Glass is indispensable in life, it created aesthetic feeling for the bedroom.But glass architecture brings visual pleasure while also increasing construction costs and safety concerns.

Glass is in reasonable use natural sunlight while cannot filter redundant heat energy, glass curtain wall is in pursuit of modern vogue and cannot avoid to happen because of accidental collision and spillage hurtful incident effectively, make life safety and comfortable suffer an effect.No matter be energy-saving, still be safe, still be the caress to the home, building glass explosion-proof film has quite big effect.